Rome to London Comments

Europe travelersThanks for a very valuable, educational and enriching experience in Europe.  We want to express our deep appreciation for a wonderful experience on our Europe by train tour.  The journey was very educational, intense and rewarding.  Thanks for a great trip Jim Marn

Europe travelersThanks for the memories, pictures and good food!  Wishing you many more safe journeys. George and Meryle Lee

Given time and schedules, we did really well!  Many thanks to you for packing in so much!  We got to see and do an amazing amount of things because you kept moving us along, and that's just what we needed!  Your gentle and good humor helped.  Walking was the best way to get to know the area, and I actually missed my morning walks upon returning home! Europe travelers By then I was in shape, with nowhere to go.  Overall, this trip was great!  It empowers us with confidence to do it on our own if we are very fortunate enough to go back.  There are still a lot of things I would like to see if I am fortunate enough to be able to go again.  We walked around so much that we sort of know the neighborhood.  The walking maps were excellent, photos of participants great idea, hotels, itinerary, well-planned and organized – no lag time!  Ken and Lynne Nakasone.

Europe travelersBeing with a great tour director and traveling with a fine bunch of local people is a good start.  Traveling by train is far better than traveling by bus (I know this from experience).  It's more comfortable, freer and quicker.  The orientation walks and suggestions of eating places was helpful.  I enjoyed the walking tours of the back alleys in the ‘guts’ of the city.  No bad experiences.  Bridget Cafferty.

Europe travelersTrains are the way to go.  Walking, taking the Metro, tube, and local bus tour all combined to give good view and feel of each city.  Best experiences: the River Seine at twilight; the train ride to mount Titlis; gelato in Florence; plays in London.  Dennis – thanks again for a great trip.  I really feel that your everyday timing was excellent and allowed us to see an incredible amount each day, and I didn't feel rushed or pushed.  Lorrie Maland

Every city was a ‘highlight’ because everything is so different from our culture - people, architecture, etc. World history comes alive; everything I’ve seen in history books looks exactly like I expected - just awesome! Took a day trip to Pisa to see the Leaning Tower - that was exciting too. Also, we took in 2 musicals! The size of the group was just right - everyone got to know each other - everyone was so cooperative and helpful. Dennis, you have this Europe by Train Tour so very well organized - thank you! Irene Thomas

Europe travelersThis is the first time I have taken a tour where you are given so much detailed information.  The tour pamphlet describes fully the procedures for travel between cities, excursion destinations and time schedule.  Especially helpful are the maps of the cities visited, including a restaurant list.  The tour leader also has a well-researched knowledge of the history, art, architecture tour destinations, which was well-presented.  The whole trip was a great new experience because I have not been to Europe before.  Richard Young

Thank you for your expertise, knowledge and experiences in guiding us on an unbelievable trip to Europe.  After we arrived in Rome it was still hard for me to believe this was real and not a dream.  The whole trip was one of inquiry and amazement.  The huge buildings impressed me.  I wondered how they were able to build such massive structures that can last for centuries.  The train rides were very pleasant – sitting, chatting, eating, resting, or watching the scenery go by.  I enjoyed Switzerland's rolling hills with beautiful green carpet of grass and wandering sheep and cows grazing in a pleasant surroundings.  I gained a lot in many ways.  Thank you Dennis for a memorable, wonderful and unforgettable tour.  Flo Matsukawa

Europe travelers

I realized my dream of visiting Rome, Paris and London to see many of the great historical landmarks that I read about in the history textbooks while attending high school.  It was a most gratifying educational adventure.  The walking tours through the back streets and neighborhoods were very interesting – got to see the different characters of the cities.  The first-class train rides were super – very relaxing and an excellent way to view the beautiful countryside.  It sure beats riding on a bus tour.  Joe Matsukawa

Europe travelersExcellent coverage.   Thank you for sharing your knowledge.  Hotel locations were very good.  You provided us opportunity to see everything.  Kats Yamashiro.

Each city had its own highlight. Rome: the awesome ruins of an ancient time, plus the impressive churches, Vatican City and the museums. Florence: a smaller, but justifiably proud city with its own impressive museums, churches and attractions. Venice: a unique city of canals, and isolation - a totally different experience. Lucerne: a good break from the busy cities; clean, picturesque, friendly people. Paris: a city with so many things to see - Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame, the many gardens and monuments. London: Buckingham Palace and the pomp unique to England, the theater area, the Tower of London and the hustle and bustle of a big city. All these cities were tied together by the pleasant train ride experience. I thought the overall trip was excellent. The leisurely pace, allowing for walking tours, and the location of hotels close to so many attractions were other factors which we found desirable. Finally, the hard work by the tour director from breakfast on past dinner was a significant reason for the trip turning out so well. Richard Esaki

I had such a great time and can’t wait to go back again. Noreen Tanouye

This was the best trip I've ever been on – I'm now a Dennis C. fan. I was totally impressed with the entire trip – everything was a highlight and your informative comments made everything interesting.  I was pleased with all the eating arrangements.   Dunn McManus

Europe travelersI had really looked forward to a great trip, but it far exceeded my expectations.  I appreciated your knowledge of art, architecture and history – got much more out of the trip than if I had depended on guidebooks.  Pete McManus

For the first-time visitor to Europe like us, I think traveling by train (not motorcoach) and staying at hotels in the heart of the cities gave us the experience of walking and absorbing life in those cities.  To be able to see, hear and smell life that was ongoing as we walked was in itself a great experience.  Al Uyehara

Europe travelersPreparation (which is very important) for the trip was excellent!!  Information before the trip regarding size of luggage, walking, informational videos, names and pictures of fellow travelers helped us a great deal.  Information was provided in a timely manner so we had ample time to prepare.  This was an educational experience.  We saw and learned a lot and explored very well.  Dennis' enthusiasm, energy, determination to provide worthwhile experiences, knowledge and planning are to be commended.  Traveling by train was comfortable.  Thank you, Dennis, for an interesting, educational and enjoyable trip to Europe.  The time passed by so quickly – that's an indication that we were having a good time.  We appreciate all the time and energy put into making this trip an enjoyable one. Mahalo nui loa!!!  Sylvia Uyehara

Europe travelersWhen my friends and family asked "How was the trip,"  I say that I enjoyed it immensely, and that it was European Art History 101 in the flesh.  The trip highlights were in Italy and France, where ancient architecture by periods and styles, paintings, sculptures, and palaces were feasts for the eyes.  I had to pinch myself couple of times to make sure I was there.  The breakfasts in all the hotels we stayed in were excellent.  You covered every mode of transportation: airplanes, local train, high-speed train, bus, subway, taxi, tram, boat, gondola and footmobile.  Efficiency: our early-morning romps avoided long lines, and the rush of tourists; maps of each city with highlighted walking tours; selective hotels near the heart of our activities and in walking distance to marketplaces and shopping squares.  Well-planned optional tours/activities.  Where does Dennis get his energy?  Hannah Kawamata

Europe travelersThe arts – I expected to see art, but to be surrounded by it was great.  Multiple-night stays – this was the best way to learn about and feel the city.  It also gave us options on how to spend the nights, not spending each night packing for an early departure.  For me, the timing and walking was just right.  The walking was easy and we had breaks when needed.  It was nice that we had the chance to get away from the group if we wanted to do something else.  Being a first-time visitor I expected to see the well-known places and things – my expectations were met.  Being a visual learner,  I loved your schedule booklet.  It helps me remember where we visited, and what to expect the next day.  I will recommend it to my able friends.  Irene Muraoka

Europe travelersThanks for making this Europe by Train trip such an enjoyable one.  For me, the second-time doing it with you was even more meaningful, fun, and breathtaking.  Your never-ending passion and sincere  love for the work that you do in sharing your knowledge of the arts, architecture, cities, cultures,  and food remains unsurpassed by any other tour leader I have experienced in my travels.  Your electricity is catching.  Continue with this wonderful God-given talent that you have in leading these tours so that many others will come to realize how much more there is to life than just being in a static state.  The Acobas kept asking me if I had ever experienced a group as well put together and caring as this one, and my answer was, "this was the best of the best".  Betty Ontai-Chang

travelers-Europe-We truly enjoyed all the cities we visited. This trip showed us a heck of a lot more than a bus tour would. With those bus tours you’ve got all those one-night stands where you get to a city late in the afternoon and leave the next morning. You don’t see anything that way-unlike your trip, which takes the time to really see these places. We appreciate you leading us through Europe, safe and sound, a little smarter and a little bit fatter. Betty and Clarence Kawahigashi

Europe tour travelersBest experiences: learning and seeing the history of each country, their museums and buildings; visiting the farmers market and sampling fresh fruits; going to a show at London theater.  Dennis, I was very impressed with your historical knowledge.  Enjoyed it very much.  Liked walking instead of bus rides and thought the train was the best way to travel.  Had a wonderful experience of pulling our suitcases and riding from one train station to the next. I thought you took care of everything for us – very organized.  This trip was beyond our expectations.  Karen Tanaka

Truly the trip of a lifetime.  Many best experiences!  Walk in the back streets; your commentary on the ancient buildings/ruins/art pieces; train travel between the city; shopping in the local markets and department stores; camaraderie amongst fellow travelers; convenient locations of our hotels to attractions; gondola ride and spending a beautiful evening listening to music in Piazza San Marco; the amazing art pieces in the Louvre and Musee D'Orsay, wow I have many more pleasant recollections of the tour that put together makes this trip one that I will never forget.  Europe tour travelersI learned so much about Europe and the artistic geniuses from ancient times.  Thanks to Dennis for sharing his knowledge.  I would not hesitate to recommend Dennis' walking tours to my friends and family who want to experience a sense of the cities they are visiting.  Simply outstanding!  Well-organized in getting us from place to place both in walking tours and ground transportation.  Good leads on where to dine and shop.  Five-star walking tours!  The pace was perfect in order to see and do everything and still have ample free time to explore on our own. Kehaulani Kuewa

Europe tour travelersThis was my wife's and my first tour in Europe.  We enjoyed the entire tour.  Thanks Dennis for your tireless narration of the historical background of the different places, palaces, architecture and arts.  Europe is truly an enjoyable place to visit – an awesome experience.  Manny Domingo

Europe tour travelersLots of fun!  I really enjoyed Europe – so beautiful and all the information given by the tour guide helped enhance the experience.  Shirley Domingo

Europe tour travelersI enjoyed interacting with the locals in Italy, especially at the Campo dei Fiore and in Florence.  The historical sites and artwork exceeded expectations.  Good tour guides, especially Dennis, with excellent grasp of history and art of cities visited.  Adequate free time for exploring areas of personal interests.  Travel by train is probably the best way to go between the cities on this tour.  Jan Miyamoto

Thank you for helping make my first trip to Europe so special. I felt that the mix of things to do on the trip was nicely balanced between orientation walks, museums, and of course, shopping. Your expert knowledge & personal attention to details for each city and for each traveler in our group was greatly appreciated. I would not hesitate to go on another trip with you in the future. Carol Keating

Your flexibility helps to make the ‘group tour’ concept attractive even to independent types like us. I’m hoping to come with you on other trips in the future. It was a great time spent with good people. Roz Young

I had an exceptionally nice time. I appreciated the extra background info you gave us on each city & country - re architecture, history, art & culture. Plus you saved us a lot of hassling, time & effort from your experiences, to smooth our way. I learned a lot, and enjoyed doing it. Pat Young


What a trip that was! ‘Europe by Train’ was truly an exciting & a wonderful tour. Richard & I enjoyed it tremendously. It was certainly educational & a learning experience. Lots of fun too. The whole trip was a highlight. Just the realization that I was in Europe and got to see some of the works of the great artists written about in our history books. I feel very grateful to the Europeans for allowing us to ‘come into their lives’ to share their history, culture, food, and the scenic beauty of their country....I can hardly wait to go on another European tour. Lani Isa

Europe travelersIt was the most enjoyable tour I have ever taken. The day to day schedule was full of good food and great informative walks. Everything was planned so well - you only had to enjoy. In the time frame we had we were able to take in so much in a short time. In my earlier travels, it would have taken me 3 months to experience all that I did in 18 days! Not to mention what I’ve learned about the histories and art. Highly enjoyable and a great learning experience! Albert Chang

It was a fabulous trip! You seemed to have a surprise every day: the gondola ride, the tram ride up Mt. Titlis, breakfast in bed in Paris, a full course breakfast aboard the Eurostar train to London....Your expertise in getting around the continent translated into huge savings in time for us, the net result being that we saw more of Europe with you than we could have on our own. We would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Barbara MacDonald

Europe travelersWe could not have asked for anything more. Dennis is very knowledgeable, patient, and understanding. He is a terrific tour guide. I don’t see how we could have packed more activities into the time we had. We were spared any bad experiences. Jim MacDonald

Your goal to walk and see the cities we visited was accomplished - The hotels were perfect as we could run out and walk around without worrying about catching a bus, subway or taxi. Great way to travel - we might not have seen some of the other sights as in a bus tour. Got to see and feel the cities better this way. Thank you for your tireless energy. You did more than an ordinary tour director would do. You are very knowledgeable about art history and I admire your informational background. Liked the flexibility, options given, undaunting spirit, the camaraderie of the leader and the group. Thank you for a great trip! May Oshiro

Europe travelersOverall, it was great! More than we had hoped for....Seeing St. Peters Cathedral inside was an awesome, unforgettable experience. We loved all the walking tours — no doubt the best way to experience the cities. Trains made the trips between the different cities a very nice experience. Top Notch! Gerald Bluehdorn

Very educational and entertaining. Tour leaders were very experienced and informative. Everything happened when it was supposed to happen. No snafus. Very well planned. Excellent services. Very professional. Hugh Leslie

Europe travelersLoved every second of my trip!  Magnificent, grand, wonderful!  It was everything I expected and more.  I would recommend it to all.  Dennis, you're the best!  Terry McKenney

Terrific tour - I enjoyed it tremendously because you were a walking encyclopedia on the art history/culture of each country we visited. It was a fantastic learning experience - intellectually, culturally, and also in human relationships. Excellent. Margaret Tom

Europe travelersBest experiences: Walking the back alleys and seeing everyday activities of people who lilve there. The outdoor market activities; buying olives, etc. The best was enjoying all of the trip with such a fantastic and compatible group! Nobody stayed home on optional activities afternoons because Dennis had so much to show us. Rowena Liu

I enjoyed every city because the lectures accompanying the places, pictures, statues, etc., were wonderful. Each one was a terrific educational experience. Listening to the historical background was something so different from the usual long bus ride tours. Alice Yoshioka

Everything was an experience. Highlights for me were Rome; David was the most; sitting in the gondola, thinking, is it really me - here!! We’re telling everyone about the trip, sort of re-living our experiences. Dennis’ enthusiasm about history, places, times, people, were so exciting that we were never bored. In fact we were incited to pay more attention to whatever facts were being shared. Everything was great. Lillian and Ken Chang

Europe travelersThanks Dennis for your inspirational knowledge making all those historical sites I've seen in textbooks and posters become a reality!  Your restaurant recommendations with the maps were valuable!  Very well-planned, organized and efficient!  I'm amazed at your patience and handling of obstacles which occur and the timing of visiting popular sites.  Overall the trip went very smoothly!  I wish I were still there.  I'm impressed by how much we covered in 18 days – awesome!  Kathy Iwami

Trip highlights: Trip to the Alps - Mt. Titlis. Scenery was breathtaking. Lucerne was a really clean city. I enjoyed Rome...walking by the fruit and flower stands and seeing the local people was interesting. I was impressed by all the historical art and buildings. The Louvre, Eiffel Tower and Versailles were fascinating. Traveling by train was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. It was fast and comfortable. Our group was small and very congenial. I liked the fact that the hotels were clean, and centrally located so we could walk around by ourselves after dinner. The pace of the tour was comfortable and we had enough free time to shop. I felt that our guide did a great job. Clara Ching

Absolutely wonderful. Well organized and we really enjoyed the companionship and how we all helped and watched out for each other. Some highlights were the sunset gondola ride and listening to the singing gondolier, and the see the most incredible ancient architecture. We have gone on many tours (all buses) but nothing can beat your train tour where we were able to walk around on the train, and talk to our companions enroute to our destination. We have nothing but praise, and we will certainly recommend it to our friends. We are still dreaming about the wonderful trip. Many, many thanks for the most memorable tour of Europe! George and Kay Maeda

Europe travelersThis train tour allowed us to travel like locals in buses, trains and taxis.  Bus tours would not have given us this opportunity.  It was a lifetime experience.  The tour group was like a little Ohana, since everyone was from Hawaii.  Everyone was prompt and considerate of each other.  We all got to know each other very well.  I love Switzerland.  The air and environment were very clean.  Rome and Florence were very cultural – the walking tours in both of these cities were extensive.  We were provided not only with tour information, but cultural and historical information as well.  Wayne and Tracy Taketa

I absolutely loved every minute of it. You taught us so much about art and European life. I was very impressed with the attention you gave us. Even on our free time you were so helpful getting us to where we wanted to go, either by taking us there or giving us all the info we need to go ourselves. Nancy Lee

The magnificence of the artwork at all of the churches, museums, courtyards, etc. left me breathless. Photos and videos cannot do justice to these awesome sights. I am so happy I went. This trip thrilled me beyond my highest expectations and wildest dreams. I particularly enjoyed the ruins of Rome, the shopping in Florence, the romance of Venice, the beautiful scenery of Lucerne, the Palace of Versailles, the ice cream in Paris, and the big city excitement of London. Tricia Kaeo

Trip highlights: The awesomeness of the ancient ruins - the architecture, the splendor of artistic creations! The tranquility and quaintness of Venice and Lucerne, the delicate glassware and the intricate and delicate works of lace were just superb. The night boat ride on the Seine was just gorgeous! Going up the Eiffel Tower for a great view of Paris! In a word - AWESOME!!! Agnes Haruguchi


Trip highlights: Finally getting to see Art 101 come alive. The tour made me realize even more how young our country is in comparison. I would probably want to travel to more European countries as a result of this trip. It was an excellent introductory tour for a beginner covering each city’s highlights. We had a wonderful group of people on the tour from various backgrounds who really knew the meaning of ohana. Lillian Sawai

Europe travelersI’ve never gone on an organized tour, but I enjoyed this one, especially the flexibility we had. Plus the cities we visited were great! How can you not help but have a good time? I thought you did an excellent job coordinating everything. You were organized, knowledgeable, yet flexible when planning activities, gauging the mood energy of the group. Craig Okino

Best experiences: Gondola ride in Venice w/ singer & guitarist - absolutely wonderful - hard to top that! Miss Saigon in London - Louvre in Paris. I had a great time! I admit I’m pretty spoiled when it comes to hotels -- I appreciate luxury & quality. All the hotels we stayed at passed the test. If my husband and I ever make it back to Europe I’ll be sure to give you a call! Laurie Taketa

It was a terrific trip. It was a learning experience and I’ve enjoyed the walking tour to the back streets of interesting places. Traveling by train was comfortable and fast, enjoyed the landscape of the country ride, and it made us spend more time in each country. I’ve seen and enjoyed many things in European countries that I don’t see in Hawaii. This is what traveling is all about - visiting historic sites, museums, places with different plants and flowers. Well planned. Thank you. Nancy Coelho

Now that we’re back into our usual routines...the tour seems much like a dream. Can now understand why people take the same trip twice. It was a marvelous way to see Europe. I’ve been putting my picture album together - brings back many happy memories. Amelia Garcia

Europe tour travelers

“We will continue to recommend your Europe by Train tour to family and friends as we are very high on it. We will be talking for a long time about the best trip we ever took...the “best” tour in the whole world! We had a great time. We highly recommend you to our children and friends.” Jim & Reiko Fobel

“My purpose of the trip was to see the DaVincis’, Michelangelos’, the old Master painters, Impressionists, and old excavated artifacts, sculptor, and the history to go with them, so I was thoroughly satisfied.” Marilyn Tabata

“Travelling by train made my trip. Highlights were Trevi Fountain in Rome, the garment factories in Lucerne and cows with bells on their necks, statue of David, the gondola ride in Venice, Eifel tower, Venus de Milo, Westminster Abbey with organ music-I could go on and on. Traveling, which is usually tiring, was painless and most enjoyable. The size of the group was perfect. We got individualized attention. The location of hotels selected couldn’t have been better, for they were close to everything, making it easy to go shopping or doing things on your own during free time. We would definitely travel with you again.” Melvin and Lorraine Yuen

Europe tour travelersAble to see all the places in each city due to the long stay in each city.  Traveling with the train was the best.  One can do lots of things on the train that cannot be done on the bus.  I enjoyed Lucerne the best.  The city was small, motel, shops, dining along the river, and Mount Titlis were outstanding.  Outstanding tour!  Much more than I expected.  Your knowledge of history was excellent.  You know how to keep the group on schedule.  Tour was well-planned. Thank you so much for a memorable vacation.  You are an excellent tour guide/leader, tremendous knowledge and expertise, which made the tour.  Interesting and fun for all of us.  We wish you well on your upcoming trips and please take care.  Fujio Tomita

“I really enjoyed the walks, and they did help in orienting me. I felt I got to know places much better this time. I would certainly recommend your tours to my friends and relatives.” Gloria Young

Europe tour travelersI thoroughly enjoyed my first European vacation.  The Vatican and the many other churches we visited were extraordinarily huge and beautiful; the Colosseum was fascinating; Michelangelo's statue of David was an immaculate creation; the musicians in Venice were charming; the National Gallery of Arts and the British Museum in London were fabulous places to visit.  It was also delightful walking through and purchasing fruits from the various marketplaces in Rome, Venice and Lucerne.  Dennis is an excellent leader.  He is intelligent, informative, easy to approach, and a super goal-getter.  Thank you.  Karen Asahara

Europe tour travelersOverall, the tour was great.  Thank you for making my first trip to Europe memorable!  I cannot believe how fast the trip was – it came and went.  I already have the itch to return again.  Annie Lacar

Switzerland was beautiful and clean.  The people were friendly.  It was all very educational.  You are so good to share your knowledge on arts and the different periods in time.  Please let us know of other trips you will be taking.  Enjoyed ourselves!  Mahalo!  Sal Reyes

Europe tour travelersYou did an excellent job educating us on our walking tours.  Appreciated your attitude... You saved us from worrying.  Like when you always emphasized the importance of being on time.  You always had a plan B if A didn't work, and also plan C (even though we never had to use it).  We really enjoyed ourselves and met lots of new friends. Elaine Reyes

Europe tour travelersThank you for coordinating and being helpful on this Europe by train trip.  We have so many wonderful memories and a bunch of new friends that we will always remember.  We can't wait to answer our friends questions about our trip, and we hope they will travel with you.  Thanks again for being so patient with us and for making this the best trip we have ever been on.  Aaron Arakaki

Europe tour travelersThere were so many wonderful experiences.  I especially enjoy the art I had only seen in books.  The Sistine Chapel was impressive as well as church art in general.  The side trip to Siena was fun and unexpected.  My heart just stopped when I first laid eyes on Venice and the Grand Canal as you exit the train station.  It was everything and more than I had imagined.  The walking tours were great and a wonderful learning experience.  I appreciated the flexibility in London, especially when you squeezed in the Tower on day one to give us more free time later.  All the hotels were in prime locations, which was great and the maps you provided were wonderful .  Appreciated every moment!  Carol Ginoza

Europe tour travelersSo many best experiences to choose from.  Your commentary was always interesting, educational, and made all that I was looking at much more meaningful.  The trip was everything I expected and more.  I can't imagine traveling any other way.  All aspects were well-planned (you even had your plan B ready).  What also made the trip special where our fellow travelers became ohana.  Hope to travel with you again.  Genny Wong

Especially liked the walking.  Really got to see the areas as the natives see it, right from ground level.  This also gave us the opportunity to really experience the sound of the different languages spoken, especially in London.  It was a great opportunity to get to know our travel-mates.  We had a great group of partners and I know we made some new friends.  It was an experience which would be hard to duplicate.  Saxon Nishioka

Europe tour travelersReally enjoyed all activities.  The hotels and their locations were super – right in the center of activity. I liked the walking aspects of the tour, getting acquainted with the city on foot, seeing the locals – not only other tourists.  Our most memorable trip to Europe was worth every euro, franc and pound.  Your commentary brought to life all those things we read about and dreamed of seeing.  Much mahalo and aloha.  Linda Nishioka

Europe tour travelersSeeing Europe via train was a wonderful experience, and a fast and scenic way to get from one city to the next. Your informative comments about each city were educational and added more insight than covered by a couple of books we read of Europe prior to our trip. Our group was superb-fun loving, prompt, good walkers, looked out for one another....Everything we did and saw was an interesting experience....the Roman Colosseum; Vatican Museum; Sistine Chapel; the scenic train ride from Venice to Lucerne; Hotel des Balances; climb to Mount Titlis and having a chance to romp in the snow; the high speed ride on the Eurostar from Paris to London; and lastly to London to view the Changing of the Guards and take in a couple of shows in London’s theaterland. Harry and Irene Toyomura

Europe travelersEnjoyed our first trip to Europe. Thanks for a great itinerary. Joyce Low

Liked the companionship and how everyone watched out for each other....Our guide was very knowledgeable about places we went and prepared us for different events. Eleanor Lyden

It is difficult to single out particular experiences that were the best because they were all very good....As a whole, the tour was most enjoyable. The small size of the group certainly added to our enjoyment as not only did we get to know each other, we could all be close enough to the guide to hear what was being said. The very convenient location of all of the hotels on the tour was most appreciated. But the biggest plus of the entire tour was the fact that we traveled by train and not by motor coach. This enabled us to spend more time in the cities and not on the motor coach. The train was very comfortable and punctual....All in all, we enjoyed the trip very much and would go along...again and even recommend it to others. Rachel Sada

Educational - good exposure to European history, arts and architecture. Excellent choice of hotels in terms of accommodations and locations. Travel by train was the way to go. Gerald Sada


Sugi and I really enjoyed the trip and very much appreciated your narratives and taking us off the beaten paths. Someday I would like to repeat the trip. Bessie Sugimoto

This trip was a wonderful way to broaden our horizons. We’re convinced that your tour format is the way to go! Walking, many times off the beaten track, was a great way to see each city. Your hints/suggestions for us to explore on our own were always on target. We appreciate all your efforts to make our experience in Europe educational and fun. Our heartfelt thanks to you. Howard and Betty Hayashi

The memories from that first trip to Europe will last me a lifetime. I appreciate all of the hard work that goes into coordinating such a venture....I just want to express my mahalo to you for making it very memorable for me. Ginger Wild

travelers-Europe-3Thanks for a wonderful trip. Going by train and taking those walking tours were great! We appreciate the time and work you’ve put into making it one we will remember. Norman and Alice Kong

Europe travelersThank you very much for an interesting and exciting tour. Very educational and worthwhile. Eddie & Elsie Ching

We would just like to say that we had a wonderful time for two and a half weeks traveling through Europe on your tour. It has been a memorable trip in that we’ve learned so much, saw so much, and made new friends. Your talks have been informative and so interesting....your helpfulness, warmth, and caring is so much appreciated. It was so much better than a bus tour. Charlie, Aiko, & Adrianne Abe

Europe travelersThe leisure time provided was very good....Overall, the tour was very well planned and executed. The train rides between the cities were all that I expected them to be. Stan Tabata

Europe travelersThe hotels were gorgeous and centrally located, making it very easy to get around. I have nothing but praise for the tour...and will recommend it to everyone I speak with. Mimi Tabata

It was great traveling via train and being able to see and walk through many places that would’ve been impossible had we traveled via motorcoach. Katherine Akagi

Many thanks for the great tour of Europe - We enjoyed it immensely. Ike and Nora Angora

It was really exactly what I thought it would be. You carried it out exactly as presented in the brochure and travel show on tv. I loved our friendly caring group. We looked after each other and were always concerned about each other’s welfare. Carol Franklin

Wonderful experience. Will be hard to match. Especially liked hotel locations and walking tours. Liked being able to wander and explore without restrictions of bus guided tours. Much better hands on feeling of the cities by walking the streets and experiencing the people. Great photo opportunities. Like the I’m a resident feeling with enough information mixed in to make it very interesting. Good group of people -- fun to be with. Felt as if we were all old friends. Best experiences: Being able to leisurely walk the old Roman ruins. The view from the top of the Duomo in Florence. Wandering the streets of Venice and seeing St. Marks. Having tea at the hotel on Mt. Pilatus. The view of the Eiffel Tower at night and the experience of going to the top. The first sight of Parliament in London...many other things in between. Can think of no bad experiences. Leon Celmer

The walking tours were excellent for me. The explanations were awesome to say the least. The many buildings that were constructed many, many years ago and how they got it up is something to talk about for a long, long time. The snow on top of the mountain was speechless. The weather was wonderful all the way. The trains that we rode, and the London Tube were just exciting and fun. The gang was really friendly and caring. To sum everything - is enough for me to last a life time - the many old structures, and paintings, and different kinds of food, and canals that I saw as a young child in school, now am seeing live in front of me. Aloha. Joe Ayau

Europe travelersYour method of learning about European cities by staying in very good hotels located in the middle of all the attractions, and walking and riding public transit, created a level of comfort for us to interact with the local sites, culture and people.  Hotels very conveniently located.  Walking allowed us to see native population at work and play.  Enjoyed watching Dennis work his magic to maximize our time and budget.  He performed his role of leader, tour guide, teacher, parent, and cheerleader admirably.  Although this was our first trip to Europe and first time riding city to city by train, we believe this was the fastest and most comfortable way to travel.  Thanks again for offering this alternative way to travel.  You did a great job of creating a fun, educational and memorable experience!!  Larry and Marion Galola

travelers-Europe-6Thank you for such a wonderful trip. We certainly did see a lot of things....Thanks for being so patient and gracious with us. We are the first among our friends to go through the English Channel chunnel! The locations of all the hotels were good....Your walking tours of all the cities were the highlights of the general tour...Mixing with the local populations gave me a chance to feel that I was part of the area. The train rides were excellent-being on the fast train was a great satisfaction....Thank you for a wonderful and intimate experience. Haru and Ruth Honma

Europe tour travelersThank you, Dennis, we have some great photos.  Your expertise in picture-taking and your willingness to help us get those great shots are very much appreciated. June Ishimi

Outstanding detailed information from Dennis regarding the architecture, painting and sculptures.  Great locations of the hotels that allows you to walk around the neighborhood.  Safe places, and friendly people.  I had a great time.  Will join another tour, and I will tell all more willing to listen that the tour is better than the video.   Ernest Hanaumi

Europe tour travelersI enjoyed viewing the Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic architecture.  I didn't realize how awesome and beautiful they would be.  I enjoyed all the museums too.  You were an excellent tour conductor, so knowledgeable about the history, sculpture and art of the places that we visited, I learned a lot and felt it was an excellent tour.  I didn't expect to walk so much.  I was glad I was able to walk a lot because I benefited by seeing and learning more about the different places you pointed out as we toured each city.  Shizuko Hanaumi

Best experience for me was just being there, seeing things that I was supposed to have learned about in European History class.  The enormous structures like the Colosseum and Eiffel Tower and the many cathedrals and museums were impressive.  I didn't think I would enjoy going to museums, but I did.  The background you provided really made me appreciate the works of the artists.  Train rides were a first for me, smooth and uneventful.  The food was great, especially the fruits.  I thought it was an excellent tour.  The people got along well and helped each other – I give you credit for handling 20 different people.  The hotels were clean and comfortable.  Jean Anbe

Europe tour travelersGreat tour: well organized and efficiently conducted.  Especially great hearing your commentary and information regarding everything we experienced – buildings, paintings, lifestyles, etc.  Certainly easy to recommend this tour to others. George Anbe

Europe tour travelersBeing this was my first trip to Europe, I really enjoyed myself.  I was amazed at the ancient architecture and ruins, knowing that they were built thousands of years ago.  Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries that I've seen.  The scenery from the train was great.  The walking tours through the back streets and alleys were excellent.  You get to meet all the people on the tour and make new friends.  All the hotels were situated in excellent locations and you could find your way to anywhere you wanted to go.  I would recommend your tour to anyone who wants to go to Europe.  It was really an ideal way to travel: walking and trains, staying in each place for two or more days was also great.  Thank you for a wonderful trip.  I enjoyed myself. Dennis Okada.