4 tours visiting Europe's great destinations

We travel by train in Europe visiting Italy, France, England, Switzerland, Spain, Scotland and Ireland staying several days in each location at central hotels with in-depth walking tours. Europe by rail, first-class train travel. Small groups, averaging 15 people. Customized itineraries with four Europe tours in 2015.

SWISS ALPS -- 6/5 - 18

Lucerne - Interlaken - Zermatt - Locarno - Zurich

ROME to LONDON -- 9/14 - 10/1



London - Bath - York - Lakes - Edinburgh - Galway - Dingle - Kinsale - Dublin

MEDITERRANEAN -- 10/25 - 11/12

Barcelona - Carcassonne - Avignon - Nice - Cinque Terre - Rome

We travel by train: comfortable, smooth, quiet, relaxing, and so fast it gets you there in half the time.  Centrally located hotels: We have made a great effort to select fine hotels located in the historic centers of the places we visit. In-depth city tours in each city, to give you a well-rounded look at the place, especially with our walking tours. Small groups, from Hawaii limited to 15 or 25 people, which provides a personalized experience.

Compare our train tours with a bus tour.

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