About Tours by Train

Our tours are organized and conducted by Dennis Callan, who has been leading trips to Europe and elsewhere for 25 years. This experience guiding 75 different groups through Europe has provided valuable insights into what people enjoy and what they could skip in their visits.

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The train tours provide an excellent combination of activities that are entertaining and educational, visiting Europe’s most wonderful places. Our tours stay for two or three nights in each city to deliver an in-depth authentic experience. Detailed walking tours are provided to give you direct contact with the sights and people, for we feel that walking is the best way to experience each place. We always stay in fine hotels in the historic centers, which enables you to experience the cities by just stepping out your front door.

Seeing Europe by Train is a much different experience than traveling by tour bus, as you can read about in our detailed comparison page. Back in 1987 when we first began leading tours we did go by tour bus and found it was not nearly as nice as the train travel we had previously experienced during independent travel. After comparing those journeys Dennis decided to launch a Europe train tour in 1990, which was a big success. You can see from the many comments on our site, people love these tours.

Born to travel, Dennis has been on the road for much of his life and shares his adventures on television, in print, and on tour. His first eight years as a military dependent kept him moving from Ohio to Long Island, then to London for 3 years, to California, and back to Long Island.

After graduation from Brown University in 1967 with a degree in English Literature, he moved to Hawaii and has been there ever since, living in Honolulu with his wife June.

Dennis earned Master of Science degrees in anthropology and political science at the University of Hawaii in the 1970s. He did further studies there in journalism and urban planning, followed by sales and marketing work in the early 1980s. Then, in 1985, he experienced a life-changing trip to Europe -- traveling six weeks on a eurail pass, shooting 3,000 slides, and coming home to launch a career in travel.

Dennis has been president of the Hawaii Geographic Society since 1986 and led his first two Europe tours in 1987. Since then he has formed his own travel company and conducted over 75 tours throughout Europe, as well as 9 tours in the Americas, doing most of the lecturing and coordinating the logistics while shooting video along the way. During his non-travel time he keeps busy producing the videos for his travel series on YouTube and shown on local cable TV -- honored as the longest-running program (twenty years) on Hawaii’s Community Programming. His photographic work has been recognized with an exhibit at the Honolulu Academy of Arts, a Grand Prize in Honolulu Magazine, showings at numerous art exhibits and publication in local books, calendars and magazines.

In recent years, Dennis wrote a monthly travel series in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, creating 55 detailed articles about how to spend three days in some of the world’s most wonderful destinations. This series has served as the basis for several travel books he is writing, including Rome on Foot. His other web site, features 1000 travel movies he has created about Europe and other parts of the world. These short films are posted on YouTube where they are freely available for all to enjoy. The movies have gotten nearly 11 million viewings so far.

Take a look at our video web site, and see for yourself. The videos focus primarily on Europe, but much of the rest of the world is also featured, especially including: South and North America, Egypt, Turkey and Southeast Asia.